Sophisticated Wooden Charm.

The Porcelain Wood Planks – OAKS Collection embodies the authenticity and warmth of wood, captured in four distinguished shades defined by soft, harmonious tonalities. Whether it’s the rustic charm of OAKS NUT, the serene touch of OAKS OCHRE, the modern elegance of OAKS GREY, or the pristine allure of OAKS WHITE, every plank is crafted with precision to bring unparalleled sophistication to your spaces. Each porcelain plank mirrors the real intricacies of wood, ensuring a natural look and feel, with variations in shade, veins, and structure.

Our Porcelain Wood Planks – OAKS Collection offers a diverse range of sizes, from 20×120 to 60×60, ensuring a perfect fit for every space. And for those with unique requirements, we also provide variable sizes between 30 cm to 60 cm upon request. For optimal visual appeal, we suggest taking tiles from different boxes and laying them orthogonally to get the best blend of colors.

When working with rectangular tiles, it’s best to have an installation pattern at a maximum of 1/4 of the total length. Moreover, with our rectified edges, a minimal 2mm grout spacing promises precision in every tile placement.

Crafted from colored body glazed gres porcelain, these tiles feature both natural surfaces and a mix of rectified and cut edges. Though sizes are provided nominally, and conversions into inches are approximated for clarity, rest assured of consistent quality.

Performance-wise, the Porcelain Wood Planks – OAKS Collection stands out. With a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% and resistance to elements like surface abrasion, thermal shocks, frost, chemicals, and stains, longevity and beauty go hand in hand. The tiles also offer a dynamic coefficient of friction greater than 0.42 and an R10 slip resistance rating, ensuring safety in every step.

The natural charm of the Porcelain Wood Planks – OAKS Collection lies in the slight variations in tone and surface, adding depth and character to each tile. Experience the fusion of nature’s beauty with modern craftsmanship. The OAKS Collection awaits, ready to redefine elegance in your interiors.


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