Refined Wooden Traditions.

Discover a new dimension in luxurious flooring, with the Porcelain Wood Planks – W3 Collection, where the enduring allure of oak seamlessly blends with avant-garde ceramic craftsmanship. Our inspiration emanates from a unique variety of oak, a testament to nature’s grandeur and versatility. This variety, revered for its intrinsic beauty, is exceptionally adaptive to a myriad of mechanical and artisanal treatments, catering to diverse aesthetic aspirations.

The Porcelain Wood Planks – W3 Collection offers a sophisticated exploration into three distinct oak-inspired typologies. First, there’s “Pure Harmony” that captivates with its unblemished oak representation. It beckons with its absence of knots and mesmerizes with its gentle, intense flames, crafting an elegant dance of aesthetic nuances. This variant promises a flooring experience enriched with subtle color shifts, exuding an aura of timelessness, naturalness, and holistic well-being.

Secondly, “Light & Vitality” is a celebration of the symbiosis between the authenticity of wood and the effervescence of light. Every step on this Porcelain Wood Planks – W3 Collection is an embrace of balance, rejuvenation, and serenity. Lastly, our “Burl” typology stands as a beacon of tradition’s intersection with contemporary trends. Reflecting the characteristics of lightly brushed, planed, and antiqued oak, it retains the core essence of its natural origin. Painstaking manual techniques accentuate its knots, cracks, and grouting, infusing it with a distinctive personality. The surface reveals gentle irregularities, a nod to time-honored craft techniques, harmoniously juxtaposed with modern design ethos.

The Porcelain Wood Planks – W3 Collection isn’t merely about aesthetics; it encapsulates the enduring values and solidity of traditions. It speaks to spaces that prioritize design nuance and perfection, asserting that true luxury is realized when every detail resonates comfort. Elevate living spaces with the W3 Collection, where nature’s purity and contemporary sophistication converge.


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