Imperial Heritage

Mike Imperial and his son Cameron at one of our quarries in Europe.

Our story began in 1977 in Mesa, Arizona.

On a voyage for unparalleled excellence, driven by a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. This adventure in search of beauty and uniqueness shaped our legacy, transforming raw, natural materials into refined masterpieces, and setting the stage for generations of innovation and luxurious design.

It was then that our Imperial family patriarch – affectionately known as ‘Grandpa’ – laid the foundations of what would become Imperial Wholesale, with a modest local hardware store. 

A Global Quest for Perfection.

Motivated by an insatiable desire for the extraordinary, we cast our net wider, venturing to the far corners of the earth. We aspired to create a world where opulence is the standard, where exclusivity is everything, and where only the finest materials have a place.

This mission set us on a path of global exploration, seeking the most beautiful and unique tile and stone, meticulously hand-selected to meet the high standards of the world’s most discerning interior designers.

From Raw Beauty to Refined Elegance.

From the depths of quarries to the skilled hands of artisans across the globe, then shipped back to our facility in Mesa. Here, the raw materials were transformed into stunningly beautiful, first-quality tile and stone, perfect for designers aiming to create truly unique and luxurious spaces. Our wide selection of styles, colors, and textures, offers an endless source of inspiration for interior designers.

Guided by the capable hands of the second generation, brothers John and Mike Imperial, our family continued to navigate this journey of growth and innovation. With John managing our expansive warehouse in Mesa and Mike overseeing sophisticated projects, our familial roots remained deep, allowing us to provide unparalleled service to our clients despite our tremendous growth.

Three Generations of Uncompromising Luxury.

Embracing the future, the third generation adds their chapters to our enduring legacy. Cameron Imperial, with his passionate approach to outside sales, extends our reach ever wider, and Luke Imperial, who orchestrates operations at the front of the store and ensures our commitments are delivered far and wide.

As we journey onwards, we continue to chart new territories of design. We invite homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors to join us in this distinctive journey. The Imperial voyage is not simply one of business, it is a testament to our family’s dedication to pushing boundaries and celebrating the extraordinary in luxury design.

As part of the Imperial family, you are invited to join us in this remarkable journey. Together, let’s continue to create a world where design inspires, luxury knows no bounds, and a commitment to quality and service remains unwavering.