The Allure of Aged Wood.

Introducing the Porcelain Wood Planks – MANSION Collection, where the grandeur of age-old wood meets the durability of contemporary porcelain. Every plank in the MANSION Collection is a celebration of wood’s enduring charm, meticulously crafted to bring out the authentic allure of hand-shaved and plaster-restored floorboards. The Porcelain Wood Planks – MANSION Collection is not just a flooring option; it’s an experience that bridges the gap between antique opulence and modern design aesthetics.

Witness the seamless fusion of an aged appearance with state-of-the-art ceramic production techniques. The result? A surface that not only looks vintage but feels authentically so. As you step onto the Porcelain Wood Planks – MANSION Collection, you’re transported to an era where every piece of wood told a story. But, unlike traditional wooden floors, these planks come with the resilience and longevity of porcelain.

Designed for the discerning homeowner, the Porcelain Wood Planks – MANSION Collection offers a sophisticated take on classic parquet designs. Every plank is created to flow harmoniously with the next, producing a unified flooring layout that amplifies the sense of continuity and space. Whether you’re revamping a vintage home or adding a touch of nostalgia to a modern space, these planks are the perfect choice.



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Porcelain Wood Planks – MANSION Collection

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