Modern Serenity, Nature’s Footprint.

Dive deep into the soulful embrace of nature with the Porcelain Wood Planks – FREEDHOME Collection. Meticulously crafted to capture the modern elegance of oak wood, these ceramic planks offer an artful fusion of contemporary design and nature’s timeless beauty. The Porcelain Wood Planks – FREEDHOME Collection paints a vivid narrative of nature, echoing the freedom of vast open spaces and the comforting touch of woodland trails underfoot.  Its design emanates from intensive stylistic research, resulting in porcelain stoneware that exudes the very essence of wood.

With every plank, the whispers of nature come alive, offering a serene retreat right within the confines of your space. Available in a palette of five warm hues, this collection speaks to those who are drawn to modernity but remain rooted in authenticity. It caters to a refined taste that values both aesthetic brilliance and practical durability. But the Porcelain Wood Planks – FREEDHOME Collection is more than a flooring choice – it’s an experience. It’s an invitation to dream, to relish comfort, and to craft spaces that resonate with soul and substance.

Every plank in this collection champions functionality. While it offers the genuine look of oak wood, it promises unparalleled resistance, ensuring a floor that withstands the test of time and life’s demands. Its robustness is further exemplified in the FREEDHOME Outdoor Collection, which combines the charm of wood with technical attributes like non-absorbency, frost resistance, and chemical resistance. This makes it not only apt for indoor settings but also a perfect choice for outdoor terrains, be it residential patios or commercial poolside areas.

With the Porcelain Wood Planks – FREEDHOME Collection , transition gracefully from modern interiors to expansive exteriors. It’s not just about flooring; it’s about creating narratives, about blending the warmth of nature with modern-day comforts. Indulge in a journey where every plank tells a story of freedom, connection, and pure, unadulterated beauty.


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