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In a world of architectural marvels, travertine stands as a time-honored testament to strength and elegance. The Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection, inspired by this revered material, brings forth a porcelain stoneware tile that captures the essence of travertine in its truest form. Reimagined for the contemporary design palate, the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection draws from the legacy of constructions that have withstood the test of time, embodying the very durability and compactness of natural stone meant to last for ages. Our meticulous style exploration has given birth to surfaces that are timeless, yet undeniably modern. Every tile from the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection mirrors the intricate veining, harmonious tonal transitions, captivating sediments, and nuanced shades found in the finest natural travertine. Available in four natural and subtle shades, and finishes in MATT, ANTI-SLIP, and the gentle yet secure ANTI-SLIP SOFT TOUCH surfaces to cater to varied aesthetic and functional preferences.

From the gentle embrace of a warm atmosphere to the chic allure of understated modernity, the collection traverses a spectrum of moods. Whether you’re seeking the sensual touch of elegance, the candid brightness of open spaces, or the versatile refinement of contemporary design, ASTRUM offers it all. The Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection, with its cross-cut shades of white, ivory, and beige, and vein-cut variations in white, light, and sand, represents the zenith in porcelain stoneware surfaces. For those seeking a seamless transition from indoors to the outdoors, the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection  promises a harmonious symphony of indoor and outdoor living with an anti-slip 20mm thickness, available in rectified sizes of 24×24 in and 24×48 in. This ensures not only an uninterrupted aesthetic flow but also the peace of mind that comes with a resilient material that retains its charm and technical prowess over time. In the realm of architectural masterpieces, the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection emerges as a pinnacle of modern, textural elegance, set to transform spaces into sanctuaries of style and serenity.


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Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection

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