Transforming Modern Spaces.

The ASTRUM legacy extends beyond the confines of indoor spaces with the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection. Drawing from the age-old beauty of travertine, this collection beautifully bridges the gap between nature’s wild allure and the sophisticated language of modern design.

Each paver from the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection stands as a testament to timeless resilience and elegance. Crafted with precision, they replicate the intricate veining, the subtle transitions of tone, and the authentic textures of natural travertine, imbuing every outdoor space with a sense of history and modernity.

Functionality meets finesse with the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection. With finishes available in matte, anti-slip, and the specially designed anti-slip soft touch surfaces, these pavers ensure safety without compromising on aesthetics. Whether it’s a poolside, a patio, or a landscaped garden, they promise a perfect blend of beauty and practicality.

Offered in cross-cut shades of white, ivory, and beige, as well as vein-cut tones of white, light, and sand, these pavers complement a range of outdoor styles. From minimalist modern terraces to classic courtyard settings, the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection offers flexibility in design choices.

Furthermore, with an anti-slip thickness of 20mm and available in generous sizes of 24×24 in and 24×48 in, these porcelain pavers not only provide ample coverage but also ensure longevity and steadfastness against the rigors of outdoor environments.

Complementing its indoor counterpart, the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – ASTRUM Collection, the Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection is more than just a range of pavers. It’s an invitation to embrace the outdoors with unmatched elegance, ensuring that every footstep is grounded in beauty, safety, and timeless style.


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Porcelain Pavers – ASTRUM Outdoor Collection

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