Rediscover Italian Grandeur.

Unveiling the splendor of the Italian north, the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – POLARIS Collection embodies the iconic charm of Calacata Gold marble. Native to Italy, Calacata Gold is renowned for its refined elegance, defined by intricate veining and a harmonious blend of light grey and golden hues. Our Glazed Porcelain tile encapsulates this natural wonder, delivering a product that is not only visually arresting but also crafted to last.

Dive deep into the essence of Italian luxury with the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – POLARIS Collection. Meticulously designed to capture the unique aesthetics of Calacata Gold, every tile in this collection mirrors the sophistication and authenticity of its muse. The distinct veining, combined with a subtle play of grey and gold, transforms spaces, making them radiate with opulence.

Crafted with precision, the tiles from the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – POLARIS Collection are available in two versatile sizes – a grand 24”x48” and a classic 12”x24”, making them fit seamlessly into any design vision. Moreover, with characteristics such as low water absorption, impressive break strength, chemical and stain resistance, frost, thermal shock, and crazing resistance, these tiles are as functional as they are fashionable. Not to forget, they also meet the PEI standards for Glazed Tiles, ensuring durability without compromising on style.

Elevate your interiors with the POLARIS Collection. Drawing inspiration from Italy’s architectural heritage and blending it with modern craftsmanship, it’s a testament to luxury, quality, and timeless allure. Choose the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone LookPOLARIS Collectionand bring a piece of Italian elegance to your doorstep.


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Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – POLARIS Collection

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Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – POLARIS Collection

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