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Welcome to the expanded horizon of the OROBICA legacy with our stunning Porcelain Pavers – OROBICA Outdoor Collection This curated line extends the sublime artistry and rich narratives woven through our indoor collection to your outdoor spaces, transforming gardens, patios, and pool sides into natural continuities of your indoor settings, embracing the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

The tranquil inspiration drawn from the famed stones of Grè materializes brilliantly in this collection, bringing a harmonious blend of nature and luxury to your doorstep. Each paver stands as a tribute to the artisanal mastery ingrained in the OROBICA heritage, crafted to perfection, encapsulating the mesmerizing dance of elements witnessed in the scenic vistas of Monte Clemo.

Journey deeper into a dynamic showcase of patterns and shades that echo the vivid textures and warm hues of the outdoors. Crafted meticulously to mirror the natural irregularities and unique chromatic variations found in natural stones, this outdoor collection invites you to a space where luxury meets the rugged charm of nature. It offers a versatile and stylish solution, equally fitting for public venues, retail settings, or residential landscapes.

The collection offers a rich palette of shades, thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the varied outdoor settings:

Bianco – A representation of purity, providing a fresh and open aura to your outdoor spaces.
Grigio – Mirroring the warmth of nature, it adds a sophisticated touch to your exterior designs.
Antracite – A bold and vibrant choice, adding depth and modernity to the outdoors.
Beige – A tranquil retreat in your outdoor space, evoking a feeling of warmth and serene elegance.

As you embark on this voyage of transformation with the Porcelain Pavers – OROBICA Outdoor Collection, we invite you to envision spaces that carry a seamless narrative from indoors to outdoors, intertwining the rich and dynamic surfaces crafted through the Porcelain Pavers – OROBICA Outdoor Collection.

To fully grasp the orchestrated serenity and untamed elegance, intertwining harmoniously in this collection, we recommend complementing your outdoor designs with selections from the Porcelain Tile Natural Stone Look – OROBICA Collection. Here, each tile serves not just as a structural element, but a canvas portraying nature’s symphony, promising an immersive experience in luxury and timeless elegance, creating a harmonious narrative that journeys from your indoor spaces to the vibrant life outdoors.


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Porcelain Pavers – OROBICA Outdoor Collection


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Porcelain Pavers – OROBICA Outdoor Collection

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