Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection

Bringing Antique Charm to Modern Spaces with a Splash of Imagination.

Introducing the Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection – where the allure of the ancient meets the vibrant pulse of the modern in a dance of patterns and hues that grace your space with unmatched personality and zest. Allow this rich mosaic assortment to elevate your space as it takes center stage in your project, promising an antique flair revamped with a contemporary twist.

At the heart of this collection lies a delicate balance of vintage charm and modern artistry, brought to life in a soft yet captivating color palette. The assortment finds its inspiration in the organic interplay of colors and textures, promising to brighten any room it adorns. Let the warm hues of white antique, sky blue, pearl, and tender gray illuminate your spaces, while the deeper shades of mint green, forest green, and dark blue add depth and a touch of mystery to your aesthetic.

Beyond its visual allure, the Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection stands as a testament to the versatility of porcelain mosaics. Its wide array of configurations, from the classic herringbone and penny round mosaics to the modern artistry of 3D picket mosaics, encourages a freedom of expression that is truly unparalleled. It is not just a collection but a canvas for your creative juices to flow unrestrained, weaving a tapestry of imagination that is bound only by the limits of your dreams.

Whether it’s the rhythmic arrangement of the white bright 2” dots mosaic or the rich texture of the brick beveled designs, each tile invites a sense of wonder and exploration, fostering a vibrant living gallery in your own home. The choice of glazed porcelain not only adds a touch of elegance but ensures durability, bringing together beauty and strength in a symphony of style that resonates through time.

Dive into the Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection and discover a world where antique meets chic, where every tile holds a story waiting to be told. Craft your own mosaic masterpiece, blending tradition and innovation in a celebration of style that is as unique and special as your vision.

Welcome a mosaic renaissance into your space with the Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection, where every piece is more than a tile, it is a statement of style, a whisper of history, and a canvas for creativity.


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Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection

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Designer Porcelain Tile – CC MOSAICS Collection

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