Evoke Historical Elegance with the Echoes of Vermeer.

The Designer Porcelain Tile – CONCERT Collection draws from the rich tapestry of history, invoking the timeless elegance depicted in the sophisticated interiors captured in the masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age. Taking inspiration from the iconic black and white geometric compositions gracing the floors of the grandest Dutch houses of the 1600s, this collection is a symphony of artistry that epitomizes luxury and grandeur.

Named after one of Jan Vermeer’s treasured paintings, “The Concert”, the Designer Porcelain Tile – CONCERT Collection is more than just flooring; it’s a transportive experience, grounding every space in historical richness and cultured magnificence. The impeccable reproduction of Carrara marble’s pristine white coupled with the profound black of Flemish bluestones creates a breathtaking backdrop that speaks of art, history, and opulence in a language that transcends time.

What sets the Designer Porcelain Tile – CONCERT Collection apart is its dedication to the celebration of a period marked by cultural blossoming and architectural grandeur, where the Netherlands and Great Britain forged connections with places as distant as the burgeoning New Amsterdam, now known as New York. This triangular relationship created a magnificent era, echoing today through the artistry captured in each tile of the Designer Porcelain Tile – CONCERT Collection.

The offering is complemented by a range of modular formats, mosaics, and special pieces meticulously crafted to furnish the most sophisticated environments. Each piece evokes a sense of classic elegance, creating spaces that are not merely rooms but portals to a time of unprecedented artistic and cultural fervor.

Embrace the historical resonance, the beauty, and the unparalleled craftsmanship that defines the Designer Porcelain Tile – CONCERT Collection, and let each tile tell a story of a golden era, adding depth and character to your designs, rendering them not just beautiful but timeless and infinitely cultured.


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