Ancient Charm and Modern Elegance.

Delving deep into the heart of early 20th century Romagnan farmhouse interiors, the Porcelain Tile Concrete Look – I COCCI Collection beautifully revives a time when cement was making its debut in architectural refurbishments. This exquisite porcelain stoneware embodies the authentic essence of that era, seamlessly marrying fragments of marble and recycled elements to offer a contemporary masterpiece with historical undertones.

Emanating from a unique ancient tile and white terracotta base, the Porcelain Tile Concrete Look – I COCCI Collection displays a variegated granularity, meticulously crafted to change as per the size of the salvaged pieces. Each tile, adorned with a distinctive “Spaccato” effect, reflects the contrasting mortars of gray exteriors and pristine white cores, embodying an organic aesthetic that dances between epochs. But beyond its remarkable visual narrative, I COCCI is a tribute to both function and form. Its 2cm thickness, while offering unmatched durability perfect for outdoor environs, does not compromise on style. Whether you’re hoping to curate spaces reminiscent of classical grandeur or seeking to infuse a modern edge into a traditional backdrop, Porcelain Tile Concrete Look – I COCCI Collection effortlessly adapts, bringing its characteristic blend of past and present to the fore.

Suitable for a myriad of modern settings, from residential retreats to commercial centers, Porcelain Tile Concrete Look – I COCCI Collection remains unwaveringly inspired by the architectural spirit of the 20th century. Choosing it means stepping into a realm where durability meets artistry, where each tile tells a story, and where old-world charm meets modern-day sophistication.



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