Modern Elegance Redefined.

Indulge in the vibrant and diverse allure of the Manufactured Decorative Façade – CAPITONE Collection. Echoing the iconic upholstery styles of the 1950s, the CAPITONE Collection marries timeless elegance with a spectrum of contemporary hues, from the deepest black to the most delicate lights.  Picture the harmony of a pristine, classic bathroom setting: an old-fashioned porcelain tub with intricate feet, set against the backdrop of lustrous white marble. Now, imagine the transformative touch of the CAPITONE Collection, with its 12 exquisite colors, offering a kaleidoscope of luxury and modern sophistication.

Visualize the richness of pitch-black, tufted-textured concrete walls, or bask in the subtle elegance of lighter grey, cream, or sand tones. Every hue in the CAPITONE Collection is a stroke of handcrafted artistry, adding both individuality and the robust strength of concrete to any space.

Each piece of the CAPITONE Collection is a testament to versatile luxury. The varied palette allows you to customize your space with elegance and contrast, seamlessly integrating with both classic and contemporary interiors, making every space feel uniquely yours.

Dive into the world of color with the Manufactured Decorative Façade – CAPITONE Collection. Let the myriad hues transform your environments, weaving a tapestry of modern luxury, historic grace, and personalized elegance within your realms. Experience the journey into a world of refined elegance with the CAPITONE Collection, where every shade tells a story of unmatched luxury and bold, beautiful design.


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Manufactured Decorative Facade – CAPITONE Collection

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