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Cool Off Your Backyard This Summer.

Summers are scorching here in the Valley of the Sun, and shade becomes as valuable as gold in triple-digit temperatures. With the heat so intense, spending time outdoors or even in your own backyard can be challenging. But don’t worry! While we can’t turn down the Arizona summer heat, we can help you create more shade in your backyard.

Adding shade to your backyard can cool the area by 10 to 20 degrees, making it much more enjoyable. There are many options for creating shade, from simple, temporary solutions to more permanent fixtures. Here are some great shade hacks to help you beat the heat this summer:

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1. Umbrellas

A quick and simple fix, umbrellas can make a significant difference in your backyard. There are many options to fit any budget or need. For small backyards, affordable umbrellas from stores like Walmart or Big Lots work well. For larger spaces, check out your local hardware store for bigger, sturdier options. High-end umbrellas, which can tilt to block the sun, provide durable and effective shade.

2. Fabric Canopy

Fabric canopies are a trendy and inexpensive way to add shade. Simply hang fabric around your porch area to create a cool, shaded spot. Choose a light, wispy fabric for a bohemian look, or opt for sturdier, UV-resistant materials like shade cloth or PVC. These canopies not only look stylish but also provide excellent sun protection.

3. Awning

Awnings are a more significant investment but offer long-term benefits. They are sturdy, often waterproof, and can provide ample shade. Retractable awnings are particularly useful, allowing you to avoid damage during dust storms. Available in various colors and designs, awnings can enhance your backyard’s aesthetic while providing substantial shade.

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4. Gazebo or Cabana

Gazebos and cabanas add a cozy, shaded area to your backyard. While more expensive than umbrellas or canopies, they are multifunctional and perfect for year-round gatherings. Stand-alone metal or iron cabanas are becoming popular and can add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

5. Covered Porch

For the ultimate backyard upgrade, consider adding a covered porch. This substantial investment yields great benefits, providing extensive shade and a customizable outdoor living area. You can design it to fit your style and needs, adding elements like an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. At Imperial Wholesale, we offer all the materials you need for this project (porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, natural stone pavers, and more), at the best prices in town.

6. Mister

To enhance your backyard cooling strategy, consider adding a portable mister like the Shark Fan that hooks up to your hose. Available online, this affordable option can lower the temperature even further, providing a refreshing mist on those particularly hot days. It’s an easy-to-install solution that can make a big difference in your comfort.

Make Your Backyard a Summer Haven

Creating shade in your backyard can transform it into a cool, comfortable retreat even during the hottest months. Whether you choose a simple umbrella or a full-scale covered porch, each option can significantly improve your outdoor experience.

Contact us at Imperial Wholesale to find out more about how we can help you create the perfect shaded oasis in your backyard this summer. Enjoy the outdoors without the heat!