Transform Your Space with GLASSALIKE Luminescence.

Embrace the fusion of luminous beauty and resilient functionality with Imperial Wholesale’s Designer Porcelain Tile – GLASSALIKE Collection. Our Designer Porcelain Tile – GLASSALIKE Collection blends the translucent allure of glass with the enduring strength of porcelain, offering a minimalist chic that transcends trends. Perfect for those who seek to infuse spaces with sophistication, GLASSALIKE promises a transformative experience.

Each tile in the Designer Porcelain Tile – GLASSALIKE Collection is meticulously crafted using advanced glazed porcelain stoneware technology, presenting a spectrum of colors that radiate with an elegant simplicity. Available in 4 finishes, (Block, Block Matte, Groove, Fluted), each bringing its unique texture and sheen to elevate your space in a variety of colors and sizes.  Here’s a closer look at GLASSALIKE finishes & formats available and how they can be used.

Here’s a closer look at GLASSALIKE Collection finishes & formats:


The glossy finish of GLASSALIKE Block tiles offers a light-reflective surface that brings vibrancy and depth to any setting. Whether setting a modern tone in a monochromatic Nero kitchen backsplash or adding a pop of Blu to a bathroom, the Block series makes a statement of refined taste.

  • Finish: Glossy
  • Size: 4″x12″
  • Colors: Nero, Blu, Grigio, Azzurro, Taupe, Rosa, Bianco, Lime

Block Matte

GLASSALIKE Block Matte tiles, with their larger format, are perfect for flooring in expansive spaces, creating a seamless look that can continue up the wall for an enveloping design. The matte finish offers a sophisticated touch, ideal for spaces that call for understated elegance, like a modern kitchen or a serene bathroom.

  • Finish: Matte
  • Size: 4″x12″ & 12″x24″
  • Colors: Taupe Matte, Blanco Matte, Nero Matte, Grigio Matte


GLASSALIKE Groove tiles, featuring a narrow groove texture, add a tactile dimension to your space. The interplay of shadow and light within each groove brings a dynamic visual appeal, perfect for an engaging kitchen backsplash or an accent wall in a bathroom.

  • Finish: Narrow groove surface glossy
  • Size: 4″x12″
  • Colors: Nero, Blu, Grigio, Azzurro, Taupe, Rosa, Bianco, Lime


GLASSALIKE Fluted tiles are the embodiment of dimensional beauty. With a glossy, ridged texture, these tiles create a playful dance of light that captures the eye. Use them to bring life to a feature wall or to add a sculptural element to your bathroom design.

  • Finish: Fluted surface glossy
  • Size: 4″x12″
  • Colors: Nero, Blu, Grigio, Azzurro, Taupe, Rosa, Bianco, Lime


Curating Elegance: Transforming Spaces with GLASSALIKE


Transform Your Space with GLASSALIKE Luminescence  Designer Porcelain Tile GLASSALIKE Collection Page 04 Image 0004 1 e1708643862936

Beauty with Fluted Nero

Elevate your bathroom to a realm of sophisticated beauty with the GLASSALIKE Fluted Nero. These tiles feature a unique fluted texture that adds a three-dimensional depth to your walls, exuding an air of luxury and modernity. The glossy finish of the Fluted Nero captures and reflects light, creating an interplay of shadows that accentuates the sculptural qualities of each tile. The rich black hue provides a dramatic backdrop that can make your fixtures and accents, like a bright gold-framed mirror or pristine white basin, truly stand out.

In the bathroom space depicted, the Fluted Nero tiles are used as a statement wall behind the vanity. This bold design choice serves as the centerpiece, drawing the eye and adding visual interest to the room. The linear texture of the fluted design not only enhances the wall with a tactile appeal but also creates a sense of verticality, making the space feel larger and more luxurious.

The GLASSALIKE Fluted Nero tiles are perfect for those who desire to infuse their bathroom with a touch of drama and elegance. Whether it’s the main feature or an accent detail, these tiles promise to transform any ordinary bathroom into a lavish retreat, where daily routines become indulgent experiences.




Designer Porcelain Tile - GLASSALIKE Collection_ Groove Blu

Serenity with Groove Blu

Elevate your bathroom to a serene escape with the GLASSALIKE Groove Blu tiles. The rhythmic texture of the narrow grooves adds a layer of tranquil sophistication, reflecting light in a way that mimics the calming waves of the ocean. The deep blue hue, reminiscent of a serene seascape, brings both color and calm to the space, promoting a tranquil atmosphere where relaxation is paramount.

In the lifestyle image, GLASSALIKE Groove Blu tiles are used to create a striking half-wall that anchors the bathroom’s design. This application not only injects a vibrant energy into the space but also cleverly divides the area, allowing the rest of the bathroom to remain crisp and neutral. Above the sink, the Groove Blu tiles interact with the sleek fixtures and the round mirror to create a focal point that is both modern and timeless.

The choice of GLASSALIKE Groove Blu is a testament to the power of color in design, capable of transforming a functional bathroom into a personal retreat that invigorates the senses each day. It’s an invitation to infuse your daily routine with a splash of color and a dash of elegance, turning the simple act of getting ready into a moment of pure indulgence.


Designer Porcelain Tile - GLASSALIKE Collection_Block Taupe Matte and Gloss.

Harmony with Block Taupe 

The GLASSALIKE Block Taupe collection brings a harmonious blend of warmth and sophistication, presenting a versatile color that enhances both contemporary and classic design themes. As depicted in the lifestyle image, the Block Taupe Matte tiles in a substantial 12×24 inch size form a welcoming floor in a staggered or running bond pattern. This classic layout, reminiscent of brickwork, features each tile offset by half its width from the tiles in adjacent rows, creating visual interest and a sense of expanded space. The pattern lends an effortless elegance to the floor, making the room appear wider and providing a continuous, flowing canvas for your interior décor.

Encircling the fireplace, the Block Taupe’s glossy finish in the 4×12 inch tiles encapsulates GLASSALIKE‘s versatility. The reflective sheen of the glossy tiles dances with the light from the flames and ambient room lighting, adding to the ambiance of warmth and inviting comfort. This intentional interplay of matte and gloss finishes introduces depth and texture, demonstrating how varied tile surfaces can unite to forge a cohesive and welcoming living space.

On the floor, the Block Taupe Matte tiles, laid in a running bond pattern, harmonize with the room’s natural elements, while the Block Taupe glossy tiles around the fireplace act as an elegant highlight, accentuating this central feature of the home. It exemplifies the practical and aesthetic virtues of GLASSALIKE tiles, illustrating their capacity to not only serve a functional purpose but also to significantly elevate the room’s design appeal.


Designer Porcelain Tile - GLASSALIKE Collection_Block Matte in Nero & Bianco


Herringbone Elegance in Block Matte

Classic design meets contemporary elegance when the GLASSALIKE Block Bianco Matte and Block Nero Matte bathroom floor tiles are masterfully arranged in the sophisticated herringbone pattern. This iconic design, renowned for its ‘broken’ zig-zag appearance, is beautifully rendered on the floor of the showcased bathroom, providing an ultra-elegant foundation that is both visually striking and timeless.

The herringbone pattern is meticulously composed of equal-size, rectangular tiles, each precisely cut to ensure the end of one tile aligns seamlessly with the side of the next. This creates the distinctive staggered effect that is the hallmark of the herringbone aesthetic.

In this setting, the alternating shades of stark Bianco and deep Nero enhance the pattern’s dynamic appeal, drawing the eye along the elegant, cascading lines.

The striking contrast between the pristine Bianco and the deep Nero tiles laid out in this timeless pattern adds a layer of complexity and visual interest to the floor. This design choice elevates the space with a sense of movement and elegance, making the floor a focal point of the room.

The wall, clad in the lustrous GLASSALIKE Block Bianco tiles, serves as a luminous counterpart to the matte intricacy below. The glossy finish captures and reflects the light, amplifying the space’s sense of dimension and openness. This thoughtful interplay of finish and pattern illustrates the transformative potential of the GLASSALIKE collection, showcasing how a well-executed tile layout can elevate the home’s design narrative to new heights of sophistication.


Designer Porcelain Tile - GLASSALIKE Collection_Block Fluted Rose and Block Rose


Fluted Radiance: 1950s Revival

Infuse your bathroom with the gentle warmth and refined texture of the GLASSALIKE collection’s Fluted Rosa and Block Rosa tiles, reminiscent of the iconic 1950s style. The Fluted Rosa tiles, with their delicately ridged surface, offer a contemporary take on the era’s fascination with soft, romantic hues and textures.

These 4×12 inch tiles, when arranged gracefully, not only enhance the room’s verticality but also echo the mid-century’s affection for design that combines form with function.

The Block Rosa tiles contribute a smooth, glossy finish that reflects a subtle sheen, reminiscent of the polished elegance of Old Hollywood glamour. Their strategic placement among the Fluted Rosa tiles creates a rhythm of light and shadow, bringing a modernized symmetry that resonates with the 1950s aesthetic of clean lines and understated sophistication.

Beneath on the floor lies ‘I Marmi 2.0′ marble-look porcelain tile in Vagli, in the substantial size of 24×48 inches, offering an expansive feel that mirrors the grandeur of classic cinema’s marble halls. This marble illusion, paired with the nostalgic Rosa tiles, establishes a sanctuary of luxury that bridges the timeless elegance of the past with the innovative materials of today.

Embracing the soft pink palette, this bathroom becomes a statement of luxury that pays homage to the 1950s’ design principles, where comfort and serenity were paramount.

The GLASSALIKE Fluted and Block Rosa tiles wrap the space in a warm embrace, creating an atmosphere that is not just visually delightful but steeped in the comforting embrace of a bygone era of design.



Imperial Wholesale’s Designer Porcelain Tile – GLASSALIKE Collection is the quintessence of design versatility, marrying the luminous interplay of light with the sophistication of modern aesthetics. From the subtle hues reminiscent of 1950s elegance to the bold monochromatic statements of today, GLASSALIKE tiles offer endless possibilities to enhance your environment. Embrace the luminescence and let your space tell its unique story through the interplay of light, texture, and unmatched elegance. Connect with Imperial Wholesale today to learn more.